Amiksha Trade And Services Pvt. Ltd. Blog Latest Products Sun, 26 May 2024 23:05:36 +0530 en-us Polyester Fabric: The best textile fabric Mon, 02 Sep 2019 12:23:42 +0530 Polyester is a kind of synthetic fibre which can be derived from petroleum, water, air, and coal. It was first invented back in the beginning of 20th century in the science lab. It was the desired outcome of the chemical reactions between alcohol and acid. Through this reaction, a large molecule is formed via the combination of two or more molecules and the chemical structure is repeated throughout its length. Polyester fibres are efficient in forming super strong and stable molecules. Advantages & Uses of Polyester fabric: The wholesale textile fabric suppliers in India offer a range of products used in home furnishing, clothing, recording tapes, computer, industrial fabrics, and electrical insulation. In fact, in reality, polyester has sharp edges over the traditional natural fabrics like cotton. It is also easy to get dyed and less chances for it to get damaged by mold attack. It is popular due to some crucial factors like it does not absorb oil or moisture, which makes it perfect for any sort of fire, soil, and water resistant applications. Polyester is stain-resistant too. At the moment it finishes manufacturing, it can shrink for the last time, and after that it never shrinks again during its uses. Polyester fibres in its textured form are more effective and acts as non-allergenic insulator. These make it perfect for using in outerwear, quilting, sleeping bags, and pillows. It is a synthetic fibre which makes it an affordable option in compared to cotton. Strong fibres of polyester do not wear down fast and it offers resistance against shrinking and wrinkles too. It dries out quickly. This is why textile fabric suppliers in Madhya Pradesh offer bulk amounts of materials to the sports industry and also to their clients of colder region… it’s their favourite wear! Polyester has moisture-wicking properties which make is easy acceptable among the athletes. It is light to wear. Characteristics of Polyester fibre:     Strong   Chemical resistant   Shrink and stretch resistant   Mildew resistant   Wrinkle resistant   Resilient and crisp when dry and wet   Fast drying   Abrasion resistant   Preserves heat-set crease and pleats   Easy to wash Uses of Polyester fibre: 1. Apparel: polyester can be used to prepare almost any kind of clothing 2. Home furnishing: curtains, carpets, pillow covers, sheets, draperies, upholstery, and wall coverings are prepared with polyester 3. Other uses – power belting, hose, thread, nets, ropes, auto upholstery, tire cord, floppy disk liners, sails, furniture, pillows, etc. The providers of fabric textile on wholesale in Madhya Pradesh offer different types of polyester fabrics and among them super poly and lycra fabrics are the most popular versions. These polyester fabrics are known for their resilience and capability to everyday wear and tear.   These fabric materials are highly appreciated among the users for its durability and high tenacity. The strong fibres offer resistance to most of the used chemicals in the industry, and hydrophobic. Users like its skin-friendly soft nature and multi-colour availability. Importance of Choosing the Right Fabric for Any Outfit! Tue, 22 Oct 2019 14:57:16 +0530 As we all are getting into fashion every single day, we are becoming more and more conscious of our clothing. Our complete selection of the clothes is not only based upon the design but also on the type of fabric it is made up of. Clothing which is being designed based on the latest fashion with a perfect amalgamation of color, as well as the right fabric, is exclusively important. It is none other than the fabric that plays a major role in offering a perfect definition to any outfit. Being the most important part of any outfit, a single wrong choice can completely destroy the look of the outfit. The outfit creation, however, starts with the designing of the best quality fabric for the outfit. As technology is getting advanced day by day, so is the type of fabrics. However, there is a wide array of fabrics being available for making designer outfit. Types of fabrics: • Cotton Lawn • Cotton voile • Chambray • Rayon challis • Silk • Denim • Wool Criteria for making fabric selection For Infant clothing: We all know that the skin of infants is highly delicate. Hence, while making the selection of fabrics for them, one must look into the matter that it is completely soft as well as comfortable. Especially for infants, cotton is considered to be highly suitable. Even in winters, this fabric can be worn inside the woolen clothes. • Toddler: In order to select the fabric for a toddler, pone must keep in mind that it should provide complete comfort and must be easy to wear. A toddler generally starts sitting, running, standing or even crawling, so, even their clothes and fabric must be highly comfortable. • Preschool child: Preschool child is generally 4-5 years. And this is the age when they are starting to learn colors. As per the reputed fabric suppliers in Madhya Pradesh, the selection of their fabric must be based on different types of bright colors that can attract them a lot. Choosing yellow, green, blue or red can become their favorite color as well as can help in several activities they perform in their school. • Adults: Especially for adults, the selection of the fabric must be done in quite a smarter way. As they are highly prone to work day and night, hence, their fabric should be completely smooth with high absorbent capacity. Thin cambric, poplin as well as cotton can be a good option. Madhya Pradesh is a leading supplier of fabric. The fabrics are being procured from vendors who are known to have wide collections. This fabric is however made to suit the requirement of any outfit. Thus, to conclude people who are in search of the fabrics for their outfit must look into the appropriate one. Because it is only the fabric that can make the outfit look standout from the crowd. A quality fabric can only make the wearing of any outfit a pleasant experience. It not only makes the cloth durable but, also even after washing multiple times retains the color and sheen making it new. The supremacy of NS lycra fabric Tue, 28 Jan 2020 15:58:12 +0530 Recognized for its durability, elasticity, and strength, lycra is a polyurethane-based synthetic fiber that's also called spandex or elastane. Unlike many other types of synthetic fabrics, lycra is highly resistant to heat. Lycra fabric has the ability to stretch several times its size and return to its original shape. Typically used for compression garments, sportswear, motion capture suits and swimwear, lycra is often mixed with polyester, cotton or any other fabric to make lightweight, stretchable garments. Apparels made of lycra fabric guarantee better fit, comfort and incredible freedom of movement. It can be easily blended with natural or man-made fibers to increase the resilience and durability of the clothing. NS lycra: The best fabric for excellent stretch and comfort If you require a good quality lycra fabric to make stylish garments that provide all-season comfort and great fit, NS lycra fabric is what you should go for. Applauded for its skin-friendliness and excellent stretch, NS lycra is a supreme quality synthetic fabric that is highly demanded to produce gym clothing, compression garments, and sportswear. It can also be used in making home furnishings, table cloths, shower curtains, jackets, and various other products. Used widely in the garment industry for making track pants, tights, sports bra, lowers, quilted jackets and much other apparel, NS lycra fabric is known to be the skin-friendliest and very smooth to touch. The extensive collection of NS lycra fabric suppliers in the country is highly valued by patrons around the globe for its luxurious feel on the skin, high tear strength, seamless finish, and reasonable price range. The following are some of the other mar factors that are taken into consideration by the suppliers of NS lycra fabric to retain their dominance in the global market. • They offer a wide assortment of NS fabrics in different colors to fulfill the clients' diverse demands. • They offer a quality range of comfortable to wear NS lycra fabrics at highly competitive market prices. • They ensure that the fabric is designed under the guidance of adept professionals using quality yarns and advanced weaving technology in compliance with all the industry set guidelines. • They offer their products in attractive and durable packaging as per customers’ diverse requirements to ensure safe transit. • They examine every batch of their offered product at several stringent quality grounds before finally forwarding them to the marketplace. • The NS lycra fabric suppliers are well equipped to cater to the bulk and urgent requirement of NS lycra fabric across the world. • Equipped with a strong logistic team and wide network, they make sure that the ordered product is delivered to the client within the committed time frame. • They always maintain transparency in all their transactions and direct all their activities to cater to the expectations of customers worldwide. Features of NS lycra fabric • Smooth texture • Excellent stretch • Shiny look • Easy to wash • Great sheen • All season comfort • Resistant to tear and shrinkage • No pilling problem Available in a wide range of colors, the plain NS lycra fabric is a popular choice for making comfortable gym clothing, undergarments and sportswear. A handy guide on fabric textile to know comfortability while buying Wed, 08 Apr 2020 18:50:52 +0530 Fabric is a thin film of bulk made up of fine-soft stuff through crisscrossing, snaking, and joining. Woven fabrics are constructed of crossing yarns while the knitted fabrics are made up of snaking yarns. Non-woven fabric is created from yarns connected to each other. The material consists of threads with a crisscrossing and snaking relationship. While textiles are the items of textile fibre been manufactured and woven.This method can be categorised into two categories: woven fabric and knitted fabricIn a nutshell, textiles give birth to fabrics and actually a whole range of fabrics available in the market. Textiles range from spinning to weaving to manufactured goods, that is, all textile materials and manufactured goods.Here's a guide to identifying the fiber used in Fabric Textiles Wholesale Madhya Pradesh:You can now determine fiber permeability by the factors of ability to wear and durability. The more absorbent fibers are, the more is the comfortability factor, implying they are more comfy to wear. If they are capable of absorbing body moisture and humidity, they are less prone to static electricity and will clean more efficiently. Similarly, less absorbent fibers are less comfy to wear. However, they are also less prone to body heat and moisture. Hence they tend to wrinkle less and hold their shape well in any case.Determine the best fabric for you that you can carry well by knowing their absorbency here:   More absorbent fabrics are –  wool, linen, silk, cotton and natural fibers.Less absorbent fabrics are - rayon, acetate, acrylic, nylon, polyester and synthetic fibersDetermine the best fabric for you that you can wear well by knowing the lengths of fibers as it is the factor that affects its performance and appearance.Long fibers- these are synthetics fibresUsually, long fibres are synthetic, but silk is the only one that is a long natural fiber. There are wool and cotton fibers often long fibres have some of these characteristics- Shiny and smooth, pill impervious, more durable.Short fibers- these are natural as well as synthetic fibers.These are usually short, but some like wool is cut into short lengths then twisted into a yarn with a fuzzier appearance like soft and fuzzy. Qualities are- pill prone and wrinkles easily.wool gabardine is the longest fiber andwool flannel is the shortest fiberWhile purchasing clothes, make sure you read the labels on ready-to-wear garments. This will help you with your best fabric overall guide to fiber content and care.Manufacturers of Fabric Textiles Wholesale Madhya Pradesh use blends for the following benefits: decreasing cost increase prestige increase wash ability decrease wrinkling increase comfort increase strength Varieties supplied by leading Fabric Textiles Wholesale Madhya Pradesh suppliers - Super poly fabric, 4-way lycra fabric, NS lycra Fabric.Due to its ability to mould to the body, Lycra is ideal for compression garments, surgical stockings, swimwear and sportswear. It's also used to add stretch to jeans, tops, dresses and even fitted sheets.Features of lycra fabric textile Exceptionally Elastic Stronger and more durable than conventional rubber. Good tear resistance a third of the weight of natural rubber Clings to the body Comfortable Qualities of best fabric textile suppliers Huge distribution network Competitive prices Well-structured infrastructure Capacious warehouse Why 4 Way Stretch Lycra Fabric Is World-Famous? Sat, 23 May 2020 16:00:09 +0530 Have you ever heard the phrase ‘4 way stretch’? Do you know what it actually means? You might be guessing the meaning by reading it but truly, there is more to it! To understand what a 4 way stretch fabric is you must know two deciding factors for this fabric, which are stretch ability and recovery. As per the 4 way stretch lycra fabric suppliers, it stretches both length and width wise and also recovers in the same way. A perfect example of such fabric is Lycra.Benefits of wearing 4 way stretch fabric:All the 4 way stretch lycra fabric suppliers provide a huge number of fabrics in the industry of active wear. Active people prefer wearing such a fabric that would move with their body during exercising and still remains in place with a great stylish look. What else is needed when you have such a fabric that remains in place while you sweat and stretch? The technicality of a 4 way stretch fabric lets you move in any direction keeping your dress perfectly in place. Thus, when people need activewear that could behave as their second skin, a 4 way stretch fabric perfectly serves the purpose quite naturally.What is a Lycra 4 way stretch fabric?Lycra fiber is world-famous as a popular elastane brand. It secures 80% brand awareness around the globe, which is exciting.In the year 1958, a team of scientists invented this magic fibre as a replacement for rubber in the making of corsetry. The scenario was like when lycra was not present, people had to wear baggy, saggy, bunched and stretched clothes. And, when Joe Shiver, the DuPont scientist brought this new world-shattering fiber, called ‘K’ initially, consumers turned into it, especially the swimwear industry changed drastically.Advantages of Lycra 4 way stretch fabric:Stretchability is not the only specialty of lycra fabric. It offers many more than that. It adds shape retention, fit, comfort, freedom to move and durability. Added to that it resists wrinkles easily and taking care of this material is easy. So, it looks excellent on you and saves some time on maintenance. All these together make lycra a high-quality garment.Interesting facts about Lycra:• You may be surprised to know that lycra itself does not stretch the fabric. Its knot construction is responsible for the stretchability. This special construction helps the fabric to get pulled out, and lycra makes it back in space.   • This fabric is able to get stretched up to 7 times its primary length. And, with the released tension, it can be spring back to its initial position. • Its modulus is another important factor for the introduction of lycra. It is another min reason for its tremendous popularity in the industry of sports. When the knit construction is responsible for shortening the fabric’s elongation, being added to the mix, lycra escalates the modulus of the fabric. So, in gist, it is the power behind this 4 way stretch fabric which makes the fabric return to its original state.In summary, the invention of elastane has changed the garments industry and the 4 way stretch lycra fabric suppliers are doing a great job for its consumers.